Fundraiser with Blue Dog Rescue

It’s Sunday, and I’m sitting in my new place of residence after a grueling couple of weeks getting settled. I picked this particular place of residence because (1) it is close to my place of employment and (2) it is close to my place of bike trail:

bike dog trail


Bess is a great appreciator of trails. One might even say she’s a bit of a snob on the subject.

Speaking of Bess, I originally got her from the wonderful folks at Blue Dog Rescue, which is the beneficiary of this month’s Philanthropomorphize fundraiser. Here’s the deal. Throughout September:

  • All of the tees in my shop are only $15
  • $10 of every shirt sold go to Blue Dog Rescue
  • You can get free shipping by entering promo code BDR
  • Everyone will love you if you buy one and I’ll throw in eternal happiness just because you’re looking so nice today

Pretty cool and/or awesome, right?