Christmas Vacation

by Coat & Tails on

Oh, hello there.

Happy holidays or whatever.

I’ve recently experienced a mild uptick of orders, and I think it might have something to do with the “season of giving” that has befallen us as of late. So basically all I’ve been doing for the past 22 days is sitting here in the dark, painting, and watching Love, Actually on repeat with a large jug of eggnog on-hand.

Despite the heart-wrenching emotional turmoil caused by the aforementioned film, I was able to create a new outfit for your financial consideration:

smoking jacket dog outfit whisky

…which you can purchase for your own pet or someone else’s here.

Since the last time I wrote in this incoherent and mostly pointless blog, I’ve also done some other new things, the most significant of which is the new collection entitled very cleverly “American Pawthic:”

american gothic cats

In case it was not obvious, the title of the collection is what is known in certain circles as a “play on words” – the title of the original painting is “American Gothic” and I’ve replaced the “aww” sound in “gothic” (“gawwthic”) with the word “paw” because it’s related to the subject matter.

Now that the tough business is out of the way, I must alert you to some personal updates, since talking about pet portraiture is rather dull.

I’ve acquired a “special someone”:

cat sitting samhain

He used to live at Austin Pets Alive Exclamation Point but now he lives with me. His name is Samhain.

This name is a little bit contentious because of the unpronounceable-ness. But for me there was no other choice. First of all, he’s got the silhouette of a bat on his head, so he’s clearly from a demon land transported here via sleigh to instigate trickery among faithful do-gooders by knocking various things off shelves and scratching the shit out of my leather couch.

It’s also the name of a little-known metal band:

samhain band

Whose front man went on to do great things:

danzig kitty litter

And by “great things” I mean embarking on the adventure of cat ownership:

fresh step

Interesting that Danzig’s stone floor is likely splotched with blood, the occasional ribcage revealed by a torchlight, but cat poop is a dealbreaker.

Anyway, obviously I had to recreate the band’s logo for personal use:

samhain logo

Outside of that, I’ve also made some significant headway on my condominium/studio/cave:

renovation mural curtains wood ceiling

When you order a portrait from me you are ensured the highest of quality because all the work is overseen by my “special friend”:

cat sitting

“I wonder if I can topple that expensive guitar?”

I was never very good at guitar anyway.