Web Updates, June Fundraiser, Summer Sale, and (of course) More Pet Portraiture

by Coat & Tails on

Web Updates

During the past month or so, I have been doing the following:

  • Making my site not suck horribly:
  • Drawing hair (see farther down)
  • Online shopping (mostly for old bike parts and Jazzercise groupons)
  • Eating cake
  • Generally destroying any vestige of hope

Most of the changes to my site include adding basic functionality. For instance, when you click the “Place Order Now” button, something happens to indicate that the order is processing.

Before, when you clicked that button, the order was processing, but there was no indication of it, so people would click it over and over again until (1) they were notified that the order processed or (2) they went bankrupt.

I also added a dialog that shows you what to do if the order was not processed. This evidently happens on occasion, so I’m glad I was able to provide some info about how to get oneself out of that terrible situation.

Also, I’m delighted to inform you that the Pet Personality Test is back. I removed it because it was built stupidly. Now it is built more smarter. Let me explain. Instead of creating 108 images (!) for each possible result, it just pulls from the cover image that is associated with the suggested collection. Thusly I’m feeling extremely crafty at this particular moment. Which is great because I’m completely expecting an avalanche of self-doubt to destroy it all quite soon.

June Fundraiser

Now that the month is nearly over, it’s a great time to tell you that this month’s fundraiser is for Pug Rescue Austin:

As usual, $10 per shirt sold will go to PRA.

Get yours here.

Summer Sale

I’m also having a sale that involves free shipping for orders over $35. This is to incentivize people to order tee shirts or something with their prints, since the $30 photo edit option is by far my most frequently ordered item. So for all of you who are considering a photo edit, you can achieve the ultimate honor of having you shipping “on the apartment,” as they say.

More Pet Portraiture

And finally, below is what I’ve been working on this week:

cat robin hood art
pet portrait
cat portrait
cat robin hood art
cat robin hood art
cat robin hood art
cat robin hood art
cat robin hood art
cat robin hood art