Instagram, Website Updates and, ah, Hair

by Coat & Tails on

First of all, I’m delighted to inform you that the Bouldin Creek display has been going very well. Proof of this is that I’ve been tagged on Instagram by not one, but two, patrons:

save the animals instagram

instagram bouldin creek cafe pet portrait


This is deeply satisfying, but not as satisfying as having also finally styled those terribly distasteful default dialog boxes that used to haunt my otherwise beautiful website. Now, look at this magical apex of design and practicality:

dialog box

The astute follower of my ever-evolving website petri dish will also notice the perhaps indulgent use of Font Awesome icons, which are used sincerely to make the interface and processes easier. For instance, I added a help icon for the question I get asked most frequently:

help icon font awesome

…which also displays yet another modal:

help modal

You might think I’m showing you all these images simply because I’m immensely proud of myself. Good job; you’re right. But also: the information displayed in the previous image is also for those of you who don’t know whether I can include more than one pet in a single portrait, so it serves a practical purpose as well.

One more enhancement: I’ve also included a “Start Over” icon to each step in the process:

start over icon

That little back arrow shows up along each breadcrumb so that you can go back and start from a clean slate. It’s pretty much exactly like going to confession.

And BTW, that little arrow will only show up on the Collections page if you already have info stored. You can’t believe how unbelievably smug I feel right about now. I bet that would have cost me $500 if I had hired a developer.

On the portrait end of the spectrum, I did some of them, and below is evidence, just in case you’re skeptical:

dog wearing clothes

And a photo edit:

princess dog wearing sunglasses