Bouldin Creek Cafe

by Coat & Tails on

Earlier this week I hung some artwork at Bouldin Creek Cafe:

artwork at bouldin creek cafe

The prints I’m showing there are for sale on my site. I started to list each item individually on the Merch section, but, in my typical fashion, I took the less tedious and more difficult route, which was to add a “Buy Print!” button to the Clothes page:

buy now button

First, arrange your print the way you want it using the arrows, and then hit the Buy Print! button. You will then be taken to the Frames page and then the Cart page.

There is still some work to do to get this to be elegant – for instance, in the breadcrumbs, there is still the Photo Upload tab displayed, even if the user just wants to buy a print.

Also: 25% of what I make from these prints will be given to Austin Pets Alive!. Not sure exactly the circumstances under which someone would want a random cat or dog wearing clothing in their domiciles, but people have bought them before, so what the hell? Also, it was pretty fun (in an extremely irritating, distraction-from-existential-boredom kind of way) to create that little button, since it was programatically a little tricky.

As always please let me know if you have any trouble with the site, or have any questions about the portraits. I also welcome any questions you may have about life in general. I particularly like getting emails about how you can help maximize the girth of my primary reproductive organ, so those are also welcome (but for some weird reason they always tend to go into my spam folder). Talk soon!