Speaking in Tongues, Videos, and a Gallery of Horror

by Coat & Tails on

I think I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that Coat & Tails isn’t just about drawing pets wearing clothes. I mean, for other people, it’s mostly that, but for me, it’s a interdisciplinary project, and I love interdisciplinary projects/hate doing one thing over and over again/love learning new things/hate paying people to do things that I can learn myself.

One thing I’ve mentioned on this blog before is that I am using C&T as a crash course in web-development. Well, I’m happy to report that I was able to create a dynamic gallery page. The thumbnails that are on that page are pulled in from the same place that the thumbnails on the clothes page are pulled from. So now, every time I put a thumbnail on the clothes page, it is automatically populated on the gallery page.

I know that’s not a big deal for any run-of-the-mill developer, but I’m not a developer, so I’m pretty excited. It’s like being in a foreign country, and you hate it, and you’re in jail, and no one understands you, so you run around trying to prove your innocence by playing charades until you run out of ideas and collapse from frustration and exhaustion, but then you get possibly the best idea you’ve ever had, and you’re convinced that the cop holding you there is going to understand, and he does, and he sets you free, and you go home immediately and do something way more fun, like write a blog post about how happy you are to be out of jail.

Not that I even really needed a gallery page! I’m just extremely tenacious and stubborn. It bothered the shit out of me that I couldn’t make this thing work.

Outside of the gallery page, I also made a videos page and a testimonials page. Although the videos are pretty unprofessional, I enjoyed making them. I mostly used QuickTime and iMovie with a Snowball (which is a microphone that looks like the thing from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or the offspring of a Storm Trooper and the Abominable Snowman). The best part was hearing myself talk. I had no idea that I sounded like that. I had no idea I was an American. Pretty weird.

Here is one of the videos (although I’m not talking in it – Chopin is so much prettier than my awkward American tongue):

I realize it’s kind of boring, but I guess it’s alright. I made it mostly for the person who bought it and to give people an idea of how I work.

Alright, kids. Time to pour chips into my face while watching The Office for like the 4th time.