Southby and Twin Peaks, Continued

by Coat & Tails on

I know I said in my last post that I wouldn’t be attending SXSW, but I actually ended up going for a little bit. It was very Kafka-esque: after we decided to see a particular band, we circled the proverbial castle of SXSW until we were in front of the very band we had planned to see, only to be told that the venue was 300 people over the limit, and that nothing would happen until they were at a safe capacity. The fire marshall apparently has a distaste for crowds, which I can relate to. And after 4 beers, I felt powerlessly drawn to the rosy scent wafting in from the row of Portable Potties. I couldn’t help but to visit one, but this meant that there was no way back. The Door Guy said in a solemn, portentous tone, “Once you leave, you cannot come back.”

So it was a lot like life in that it was doomed before it even began.

Luckily, K is sort of like me in that she’s restless and super bored by 98% of live music, so it wasn’t no thing at all. That was refreshing; I never really got the appeal, either, and I never understood why so many people pay so much and put up with so many hassles for such a simple, if not boring experience.

But, walking around downtown was pretty fun. Although I am not as drawn to other people as I sometimes am to rosy scents, I love the past time of people watching. Wait, is that synonymous for straight up judging? Probably.

So we “people watched” and tried to find free beer, but decided that it was probably a rumor, like El Dorado, and went back to her place, where she had a refrigerator full of Dos Equis, which is by all accounts a respectable craft beer. We enjoyed a few of those on her porch in the fantastic weather whilst reflecting upon our SXSW experience.

Then we went to a dinner party and I feel vaguely awkward about it but I don’t know why. Perhaps because I mentioned something about blood at the end and then left abruptly.

Anyway, speaking of dinner parties, I was able to work on the Log Lady from Twin Peaks this weekend:

log lady dog

Just a work in progress. Really struggling with color: it all seems so chaotic.